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Free booklet + on-demand training for established professionals looking to enter or level-up in data science

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You Can Super-Charge Your Transition Into Data Science

Expertly prepared by Dr. Adam Ross Nelson ~ specifically for established (mid- to late-career professionals). Even if you have never "officially" worked as a data scientist.

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This free booklet + program includes:

  • A download (in PDF) format of the booklet Ten Quick Wins To Expedite Your Career Transition. Over 50 pages long.
  • This free booklet is a digestible 50ish pages. It is easy to follow - but substantial - perfectly sized. You can read this booklet in one sitting.
  • Expert guidance on preparing a winning resume. Which includes a resume document template + specific resume writing advice + ideas that will defeat writer's block.
  • Guidance on how to improve your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters and hiring managers will compete for your attention.
  • Guidance on finding the best jobs for you - your expertise - and your interests.
  • An overview of how you can build a rockstar professional data science portfolio.
  • Plus added gifts - Not available any other place.
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Two Tools: The Ten Quick Wins Booklet + On-Demand Online Coaching + More

Pages and pages of information (including the 50+ page booklet, other booklets, additional written guides, etc.) await you inside this free program.

I do not promise this information will be available forever.

Be sure to get this program and download your books as soon as you can.

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Expert Praise

Jordan Goldmeier, Author of Becoming A Data Head

This is a great resource for data science professionals. Adam's booklet will set you on the right path.

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Reader Recommendations


Data Scientist + Project Mgr + Financial Background

Adam is absolutely the best. Do not hesitate on his programs. And the book is phenomenal. He helped me land a dream role; from resume to the transition itself. Thanks, Adam!


Research Professional + Data Practitioner

Adam is a career coach I would recommend! He has expertise in data analysis and career development. He is always willing to share resources so I can become a better data scientist and better professional. Adam is one of the most down-to-earth professionals I have ever met. He is passionate about what he does in his career.


Data Analyst + Research Professional

Adam has been so helpful to me as I have explored my career transitions. I recommend his programs to others who are looking at a career transition, especially in data.

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The online on-demand coaching program includes advice on how you can build and enhance your professional portfolio.

Get The Free Booklet + Program Today

Get The Free Booklet + Program Today

Get The Free Booklet + Program Today