How To Avoid Scammy Resume + Career Services In Data Science

Data Science Career Services + Resume Writing Buyer's Guide

Insist On The Highest Levels of Support

From me, my main service includes unlimited one-to-one live support, unlimited email support, and unlimited text message support. This level of support in the field of data science career services is unmatched (to the best of my knowledge). To be clear: Most business gurus have said I’m crazy to offer this level of service (“it isn’t scalable” they say). I don’t care. My priority is to help others. To provide the best help for YOU, unlimited support is the way to go.

Below you can read more about how I have made sure you will be taken care of - even if I'm hit by a bus.

I also have the best guarantee I've ever seen in the field - more below.

Be Sure To Understand Your Role

Be sure you have a role! No career services professional can get the job for you. Nobody can write a resume for you without your input. It’s literally against the rules for anyone to access your LinkedIn for you (even with your permission). Anyone who promises full and complete done for you services isn’t being fully open, clear, and direct about the effort you will play in the process. I require my clients to work hard. I will work hard for you too. We will work together. But I will need your efforts too and I will be clear and upfront about that. For example, only after you’ve revised your resume based on the live, video, and written advice I give you - then and only then - my fulfillment partners and I will take a final pass to give it that final polish.

Look for Comprehensive Services

I provide extensive live, video, and written advice on exactly how to write a resume. I also provide the same for optimizing GitHub and LinkedIn. You keep any written guides and materials even if you cancel.

My services do not stop there; from me you can expect interview practice, references audits, professional portfolio development support, salary negotiation support, and more.

Teamwork: Look For Providers Who Work As A Team

Who will help you if the person you hire gets sick or hit by a bus? To deliver high quality career services (well) I’ve built a small team of fulfillment partners.

When you hire me, I’ll work with you on all aspects of your job search but I’ll also involve other fulfillment partners at no additional cost who provide additional expertise over and above my expertise on resume writing, interviewing, references audits, professional portfolio development, application submission strategies, etc.

Solo coaches and career services professionals are numerous (many are doing amazing work), quality team-based approaches are less common.

If I get sick or hit by a bus - my fulfillment partners can step in for me.

Guarantees + Guarantees + Guarantees

If you hire me, and work with me for six months, submit at least 10 job applications, and haven’t landed a new job offer in those six months I’ll give you the next six months at no charge.

Plus you keep any written materials, resumes, coaching materials, workbooks, and other related materials forever. Make sure you are protected with a specific guarantee.

Credibility + References + Experience

With dozens (hundreds) of resume writers you can screen for credibility by looking for references and experience. I have references on my LinkedIn and my website.

If a career services professional hasn’t made an effort to produce and deliver professional high-quality informative materials via multiple online platforms including a website - that is a red flag.

Focus + Dedication + Commitment

Look for professionals who are fully dedicated to the career services craft. When I hire a professional I want someone who is dedicated fully to their craft and not splitting their time and effort in too many ways. I maintain my expertise in data science by serving clients who need data science services and also by teaching at university. After that the only thing I do is data science career services.

Add-On Service

Will the person you hire over-deliver? You can count on me to consistently deliver over and above on my promises. Over-deliveries often differ for each client based on individual needs.

Some examples have included done for you social media refreshes, done for you professional portfolio “starters,” personal introductions to recruiters and job referral sources, special access to training, bonus online training, etc.

Related side note: Want to learn how to beat ATS automatic keyword resume scorning? My clients also get access (for free) to an entire online on-demand course in this specific topic alone.


I am always up front. At present I charge $899 per month for unlimited one-to-one coaching, unlimited email, and unlimited texting support.

This unlimited support includes all of the written and video support (on-demand online coaching) discussed above.

This level of support (unlimited) is unmatched. This price includes work from fulfillment partners who supplement my efforts in resume writing, interview prep, references audits, professional portfolio development support, etc. I contract with and compensate these fulfillment partners on your behalf.

I also offer packages at other rates and that information is clearly available on my website.


Has the career professional devised processes that make sure they can follow through and that you can get the support you need? I have many processes in place to make the live easy for you.

Need an appointment? Use Calendly… or just give me a call literally anytime day or night. Need to cancel an appointment? Not a problem - easy peasy - just cancel via calendly. No penalty even for last moment cancellations.

Do you love agendas? If yes, I have a system in place to make sure we can collaboratively build agendas for when we meet to make the best use of our time together. My process keep us both on track and avoid feelings of desperation, despair, confusion, aimlessness, etc.

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