Hi, I'm Dr. Adam Ross Nelson JD PhD

Data Science Career Coach

As a career coach I help established professionals transition into and level up in data careers. Earlier in my career, I was the inaugural data scientist at The Common Application which provides undergraduate college application platforms for institutions around the world.

I completed a PhD from The University of Wisconsin - Madison in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis. I am also formerly an attorney with a history of working in higher education and teaching all ages.

I see it as important for me to focus time, energy, and attention on projects that may promote access, equity, and integrity in education. This means I strive to find ways for my work to challenge systems of oppression, injustice, and inequity.

Portrait of Adam Ross Nelson, Data Scientist + Career Coach

Adam Ross Nelson JD PhD Data Scientist + Career Coach


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Three Fun Facts About Dr. Nelson

Three fun facts about me not many people know:

I began my full-time professional career living and working abroad. I taught English as a Foreign Language while living in Budapest Hungary during the late 1990s.

I used to be a school assembly speaker. During this time, I spoke at about two schools a day about health and wellness. Overall I visited schools in multiple states and addressed 20,000 students.

While living in North Carolina I made the decision to include all three of my names in most of my written correspondence: Adam Ross Nelson. Otherwise I go by Adam.

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