Advice You Can Use: 3 Recommendations for New Data Coordinators

career advice first day Nov 01, 2022
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You Can Make Data an Integral Part of Your Company’s Operations — Here Is How

Some data scientists may find themselves in a new role at work – acting as your company’s data coordinator. This is increasingly common as data scientist jobs increase in popularity.

With the growth of data analysis and its use in business operations, this is becoming a more common job, and many roles are being created with little idea of how the work will be carried out. If you find that you are suddenly filling the role of your company’s data coordinator, you may have an open invitation to boost your data scientist career by crafting your company’s data mission and at the same time creating a culture of data for your work partners and job operations.

Key Advice for New Data Coordinators: Three Ideas for Your New Role

If you are a new data coordinator or a data coordinator at a company that just created the role, here are three things you can focus on to make the most of your job and do the most good for your employer.

Focus on creating a reference product. This could be a data almanac, a data dictionary, or a data digest. If you are starting from scratch, a data dictionary is probably the best. If you need a template, search online at higher education institutions, which often have good data dictionaries you can use for a model or as inspiration.

Do a brown bag presentation. I did my first reluctantly, thinking no one would want to hear about topics like sample weights, and that those who showed up would instantly fall asleep — but I was wrong! Many people will be interested to hear what you have to say and holding these talks will help your company understand what your work entails and why it is important. That can help you be successful and build collaborative relationships.

Build or establish a data culture. This is a popular buzzword these days, and many companies are interested in it although few know what it really means. This starts with creating a shared glossary of customs and conventions that will help you and your teammates know what you are doing and why it is important. Start with language, and be intentional about terms that are important for everyone to have a shared understanding of. Establishing a data culture is the first step in making data an important part of the operations of your organization.

Don’t Miss Out on Other Great Data Science Employment Tips

My recent YouTube video is packed with information for those who are new to the data coordinator role, with tips for hosting brown bags and more advice on building a culture around data at work.


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