Communication in Data Science: How I Learned to Translate Geek-Speak

career advice communications presentation advice May 04, 2023
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In the realm of data science, we often find ourselves grappling with complex concepts and intricate methodologies. But as we delve deeper into the world of algorithms and models, we must not forget the importance of effective communication. Here's a little tale of how I learned to translate geek-speak and bridge the gap between data science wizards and the rest of the world.

A Mostly True Data Science Story

Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, I faced a question that made me question my very existence as a data scientist. This puzzling inquiry came after I had spent five glorious years unraveling the mysteries of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling. The fateful question? A colleague casually asked, "When do you think we'll be able to start using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling?"

I stood there, flabbergasted. We had been harnessing the power of these cutting-edge technologies for years! How could my colleague not know? Still, I decided to proceed with grace and diplomacy, referring to a project from two years prior.

"Do you remember that late-night project last fall?" I inquired. "Half the company was crammed into the conference room, burning the midnight oil?"

My colleague's eyes lit up. "Of course! That was a blast! My team still reminisces about it fondly, and we know it made a significant impact."

With a knowing smile, I revealed, "Well, that project hinged on predictive modeling to identify which clients we would invite. We've been using predictive modeling all along. We use it every day!"

In an effort to spare my colleagues from jargon overload, I had opted for more specific, precise terminology instead of catch-all buzzwords like "machine learning," "artificial intelligence," and "predictive modeling." But in doing so, I had inadvertently created a communication barrier.

How You Can Avoid This Mistake In Data Science

To avoid falling into the same trap, consider the following recommendations for translating geek-speak:

  1. Gauge your audience: Understand the technical background of your listeners and tailor your explanations accordingly.
  2. Use analogies: Simplify complex concepts by drawing parallels to everyday situations or familiar examples.
  3. Break it down: Divide intricate ideas into smaller, digestible pieces that are easier to comprehend.
  4. Embrace buzzwords: When appropriate, use commonly understood terms to help bridge the communication gap.
  5. Encourage questions: Foster an open dialogue and be receptive to inquiries or clarifications.

The moral of the story is this: don't shy away from buzzwords when they can help bridge the communication gap between data science wizards and the rest of the world. Embrace the art of translating geek-speak, and watch as understanding blossoms and collaborations flourish! Remember, effective communication is the key to unlocking the full potential of data science in any organization.

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