Free Data Science Lessons: An Opportunity You Can't Miss

career advice technical skill Jun 25, 2024

If you are interested in learning about data science, you've come to the right place. My name is Adam Ross Nelson, author of Confident Data Science and How to Become a Data Scientist: A Guide for Established Professionals. 

For a limited time, through July of 2024, I'm offering free data science lessons to those who:

  • Are learning Python or have an intention to do so.
  • Have access to Zoom and Gmail
  • Value professional development
  • And are comfortable with accelerated learning.

The reason I'm offering free data science lessons is because I understand the challenges that most learners face.

The Common Challenges Learners Face

The path to learning data science can be overwhelming. The sheer number of resources, books, and online tutorials can leave you feeling lost and unsure where to start. I can help you with this.

You may feel that your busy schedule doesn't allow you the significant time needed to invest in learning data science. There are also financial constraints; the high costs of courses and certifications can make learning data science feel out of reach. The lesson that I'm offering you today is free.

There's also the fear of failure—the fear of not understanding complex concepts or not being able to keep up with the pace of learning can be paralyzing. And there's the fear associated with striving for a career change and then not quite making it. Finally, the lack of guidance can make it easy to get stuck on difficult topics and lose your motivation. By providing a free data science lesson, I can help you get unstuck.

Why I'm Offering Free Lessons

Another reason I'm offering free data science lessons and my bootcamp is because I know doing so can have powerfully positive effects on the lives of those who seriously pursue data science as a career. According to, 79 percent of bootcamp graduates say they landed a job where they used the skills they learned at the bootcamp. Just over half of those studied in's 2020 Annual Outcomes Report also reported an increase in salary. But you can't become a data scientist if you don't even get started.

The Benefits of Free Lessons

The free lesson address the challenges that keep many from even getting started or cause some to give up after getting stuck or stumped on the initial effort. In the free lesson, I'll make sure that the skill or tool you learn is relevant to your existing work. Data science skills are becoming increasingly relevant in various lines of work. Learning even just one skill can make you more competitive and valuable in your current role or on the job market. Taking a free lesson can also help you plan future professional development opportunities.

Mastering data science can significantly boost your professional development, leading to career advancement and other forms of personal satisfaction. I promise you'll feel a boost in your self-confidence. Gaining proficiency in data science can enhance your confidence and your ability to tackle complex problems, making more effective decisions. Any amount of data science learning can help future-proof your career. As technology continues to evolve, having data science skills will help you stay ahead of the curve and adapt to future changes in the job market.

If we meet for a free data science lesson, I'll work with you to show you a new skill or tool related to data science. We can customize the lesson just for you.

How to Apply for a Free Lesson

To apply for the free lesson is easy. Complete the application form linked below. Answer the few simple questions. Once you do, I'll evaluate the results and reach out to let you know how I can help you, if I can help you.

Final Thoughts

If you're reading this after July of 2024 and are interested in help learning data science let me know and I'll let you know what resources I have open at that point. This summer, if you're eligible for a free data science lesson, I'll send you information on how to schedule that lesson.

This lesson will help your professional development, build your self-confidence, and future-proof your career. You'll have a stronger sense if data science is right for you. You'll get personal, live, personalized, bespoke answers to your specific questions, with an immediate return on investment, in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

These lessons are only available on a limited basis. I do not promise to make them available forever. The calendar fills up fast. Submit the application form right away. If you're eligible, I'll be sure to let you know. If not, I'll also provide you with other resources that will help you along your data science learning journey.

Take advantage of this opportunity to start your data science journey with confidence. Apply now, and let's get started on your path to success in data science!

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