Getting Unstuck In That Data Science Coding Project

data imposter syndrome technical skill Feb 17, 2023
Data Science coding problem

Here are 12 techniques I have used to get unstuck when coding in Data Science:

Let's face it coding is hard. Even the best data scientists have projects when they just get stuck. If you're stuck while coding remember that you have the ability to figure out where the problem is. 

  1. It's okay to take a break & come back with fresh eyes! Refocus and start by breaking the problem into small, manageable pieces.
  2. Trying out small experiments can lead you to big solutions that were hard to see before.
  3. Experimentation is key - get creative and find a new approach if the first one isn't working!
  4. It's important to remember that you can always ask for help from experienced coders - no question is too small! Here is an article I wrote on How to Ask for Help in Data Science
  5. Recharge with a break when necessary - sometimes all it takes is taking a few moments away from your desk to clear your mind before tackling a challenge again.
  6. Hear success stories of people who persevered through coding blocks & eventually found their breakthrough solution!
  7. Tap into online coding communities – there are tons of helpful developers out there willing to lend their expertise so don't be afraid ask!
  8. Take advantage of online resources like tutorials, articles, and even YouTube videos for guidance as you go along. Here is a link for a course on Correlation Analysis & Python.
  9. White board time. Take it to the whiteboard. Visualize the outcome you want – let yourself daydream without limits so you can consider possibilities outside of what seems possible right now.
  10. Focus on learning more as you code instead of seeking perfection – mistakes are an essential part of the learning process & can help unlock better solutions down the line!
  11. Staying organized with notes & diagrams will keep track of thoughts & allow you to review progress made along the way – efficiency leads to understanding.
  12. If you already have notes... review those. They will be a source of inspiration. Your needed solution could be right there already in your notes.

It may take time but pushing through is worth it - success awaits those who aren’t afraid of continued effort even if progress is slow. 

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