Going Outside The Corporate Bubble: Secret Sauce to Tech Success

career advice later career advice May 01, 2023
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Hey there, techies! Strap in, because today we're serving up a steaming hot take that might just sizzle your circuits: once you've landed that shiny new role in tech, one of the best ways to grow isn't within the cozy confines of your company – it's by diving into a community outside your corporate bubble. Trust us, your career will thank you later!

Remember, I speak from experience. I switched lanes into the bustling world of data science in my late 30s – a digital dinosaur by Silicon Valley standards. But guess what? I'm here, I'm thriving, and I'm ready to share some top-secret intel on how to become a community-building powerhouse. Ready to learn the tricks of the trade? Let's get down to business.

Finding Data Science Communities

First things first: finding the right community for you. Now, we're not talking about infiltrating underground hacker rings (tempting as that may be). Instead, look for meetups, online forums, and industry groups that pique your interest. A few tips to get you started:

  1. Scout social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups are goldmines for tech communities. Just search for relevant hashtags or keywords, and you'll be swimming in connections in no time.
  2. Go to Meetup.com: This site is a treasure trove of tech-focused gatherings. Find your niche, sign up, and prepare to mingle!
  3. Look for local events: Keep an eye out for conferences, workshops, and seminars in your area. Not only are these great for networking, but you might just learn a thing or two.
  4. Explore libraries and bookstores: Your local library or bookstore might host tech events, workshops, or meetups. Be sure to check their event calendars and join in on the fun!

Engaging In Data Science Communities

Once you've found your people, it's time to engage – and we mean really engage. Don't just be a wallflower; follow these tactics to forge supportive relationships in your newfound community:

  1. Share your story: Opening up about your background and experiences can help you find common ground with others. Plus, it makes you more memorable!
  2. Offer value: Be an active participant by sharing your knowledge, helping others, and asking thoughtful questions. This will establish you as a valuable member of the community.
  3. Collaborate on projects: Nothing brings people together like working towards a common goal. Join forces with your new connections on exciting initiatives, and watch your relationships (and skills) flourish.
  4. Stay in touch: Keep the conversation going beyond events and forums. Connect on social media, send occasional check-in messages, and be genuinely interested in others' successes.
  5. Host or co-host events: Take the initiative to organize or co-organize gatherings, workshops, or webinars. This will help you create a strong presence and deepen your connections within the community.
  6. Invite and recruit others: Actively identify, invite, and encourage like-minded individuals to join your community. Expanding your circle helps create a diverse and dynamic group, fostering personal and professional growth for all members.

So, there you have it, folks – my latest hot take on the secret sauce for tech success. By stepping out of your comfort zone and joining a community outside your company, you'll not only expand your network but also supercharge your personal and professional growth. Remember: the right community can be the key to unlocking your true potential, so don't be afraid to dive in and get involved. Now, go forth and conquer – we'll be rooting for you!

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