How to Ask an Informed Question for Data Scientists

career advice job hunting job interviews Jun 30, 2023
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Job interviews can be intimidating for anyone, not just new data scientists. From dressing right to answering tricky questions, there are a myriad of things to keep in mind. However, one aspect that is often overlooked is preparing the right questions to ask the interviewer. Asking the right questions signals interest, engagement, and preparation, allowing you to stand out among other candidates and prove your worthiness for the position. But what are the right questions to ask? In this blog post, we will discuss the art of asking informed questions at a data science job interview.

Conduct Extensive Research

Before you even walk into the interview room, you should have researched the company. Look into the company culture, their values, mission, and goals. Explore their website, social media pages, and read up about the products or services they offer. Additionally, I suggest you research the company's  With this information, you can ask specific questions about the company's future plans, and show that you are well-informed.

Focus on the Data Science Role

It is important to understand the job role you are interviewing for and prepare questions that are specific to that position. For instance, if you are interviewing for a data analyst role, you could ask about the tools and software they use to process data, or the current projects the team is working on. Asking questions about the job role shows that you are interested in the position, and have thoughtfully considered what working in such a position will entail.

Be Mindful of Time

While you should make an effort to ask informed questions, it is crucial to be mindful of the time. As a general rule, the interview should take about an hour, and you should not exceed that time limit with your questions. You can either choose to ask a few well-thought-out questions or ask one important follow-up question to what the interviewer has shared about the company or the position. This shows that you are interested and engaged, and still mindful of the interviewer's time.

Showcase Your Interest

Asking relevant and thoughtful questions shows your interest in the company and your dedication to the job role. Additionally, you should remember to ask questions that will help you understand the company culture and their expectations. This will enable you to find a job that meets your goals and requirements. Asking those questions will tell you much about what it is really like to work at the company, and whether it would be a good fit for you.

Recap the Interview

After the end of the interview, you have another opportunity to impress the interviewer. You can recap what you have learned, and ask if there is anything else they would like to know from you. This last impression can often be the clincher for getting the job, as it shows your enthusiasm and confidence. Additionally, the interviewer's feedback can also let you know if you have addressed all their concerns and demonstrate that you are open to constructive criticism.

Asking informed questions during an interview is an excellent opportunity to showcase your research on the company and the position, show your interest in the job, and understand the company dynamics better. It is essential to prepare the right questions and not to exceed the time limit. By asking informed questions, you can establish yourself as a thoughtful, proactive, and motivated candidate for the job. 

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