Job Seeker's Guide To Data Science Portfolio

career advice data portfolios Feb 20, 2023
Data scientists celebrating their portfolios


Are you a job seeker in data science? You've been active on LinkedIn, sending out resumes, and going to interviews. Yet you're still not getting the job offers you want. One of the reasons could be your online portfolio. An online portfolio is essential for data science job seekers because it shows potential employers your skills, abilities, and projects you've worked on. But what should you include in your online data science portfolio? Let’s break down how to build a great online portfolio that will get attention from employers.

Content and Formatting

Your content needs to be tailored to the type of job you are seeking. If you are applying for a position as a machine learning engineer then showcase projects that demonstrate this expertise. Projects should include visuals such as charts and graphs, which can be created using programs like Tableau or Excel. Every project should also include your process behind it and how it came together — this is where potential employers will get interested.

Coding Samples

In addition to showcasing projects, coding samples are also important to include in your online data science portfolio. This could range from snippets of code that demonstrate your knowledge of a particular language or full applications that show off your skills with web development or mobile apps. No matter what coding samples you choose, make sure they are neat, organized, and easy to read — this is key for demonstrating proficiency in coding languages like Python or R.

Engaging Writing Style

The way you write about each project is just as important as the project itself. Your writing style should be engaging but still professional - it should draw readers in but also accurately portray what each project was about and what challenges were faced during its development process. 

Aspiring data scientists looking for jobs need an effective online portfolio that showcases their skills and abilities while also drawing in potential employers through engaging writing styles and visuals like charts and graphs. By including impressive projects along with coding samples written clearly and professionally, any job seeker can create an online portfolio that stands out among competitors.

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