Looking to bolster your Data Science portfolio? 3 sites you can use for volunteer experiences

career advice portfolios technical skill Sep 12, 2023
Data scientist volunteering at his computer

The demand for qualified data scientists is at an all-time high in today's data-driven environment. Having a strong data science portfolio is a well known career advancement strategy. Whether you're a beginning data scientist trying to launch your career or an established professional looking to stay competitive - a strong portfolio will almost always help. Although formal schooling and certificates are necessary, real-world experience frequently distinguishes candidates in the job market. Participating in data science projects as a volunteer is one efficient approach to acquire this experience.

By volunteering, you may show your dedication to the industry while also putting your abilities to use in practical situations. You gain useful experience, and charitable organizations profit from your knowledge, so everyone wins. Finding volunteer jobs in data science, however, might be difficult.

Finding places to gain experience in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence or advanced analytics can be difficult when you are first starting off. The three sites listed below are sites that offer experience pro bono. I know that no one likes to work for free, so I like to look at this as an upfront investment that will payoff later in job prospects.

Statistics Without Boarders 

SWB | Pro bono Statistical Analysis (statisticswithoutborders.org) Statistics without borders reaches out to nonprofits nationally across the world to help organizations that have limited access to statistical resources.

Pro Bono Analytics

Home - INFORMS Pro Bono Analytics Pro Bono Analytics helps to bridge to gaps between nonprofits and data analytics. They take the data that nonprofits are already collecting and help them use that data to its fullest potential.

Data Kind - Tackles Tough Challenges With Data Science + AI

DataKind - Welcome Data Kind assists social organizations in applying their data to predictive analytics, machine learning algorithms. DataKind works in a way that both increases impact and is sensitive to ethical considerations.

In addition to helping the greater good, by volunteering to help these organizations you will not only be expanding your knowledge set and increasing you experience level, but you will also be given the opportunity to network with other individuals within your field. I believe that meeting new people and expanding your network is one of the most effective ways to enhance your career transition.

More than just academic credentials and certifications are needed to build a great data science portfolio. Volunteering gives you real-world experience that can help you stand out in the often cutthroat field of data science. Utilizing services like Statistics Without Borders, Pro Bono Analytics, and Data Kind will help you locate worthwhile chances to put your abilities to use while improving society.

So, if you want to strengthen your data science portfolio, think about becoming a volunteer. You'll not only acquire useful experience, but you'll also feel good knowing that your abilities are advancing causes you support. Start now and watch as your data science career takes off as you change the world.

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