Things to Remember When Dealing With Data Science Job Rejection

job hunting job interviews Dec 17, 2022
Job applicant walking out of an interview

If you are in the thick of the data science job hunt and are not getting called back or not getting the job, then this blog post is for you. Repeatedly putting yourself out there and getting rejected is hard and can feel impossible to overcome. But it’s not; or at least overcoming job application rejection doesn't have to be so hard.

First, know that there is no magic bullet to getting hired for a data science job. Sure, there will be times where it seems luck is on your side and an opportunity presents itself out of thin air.

Here are a few tips to use to refocus your mind and keep you moving forward:

Often, when a company needs to hire a data scientist, they already have some idea what they want in that candidate based on their role requirements and their current team makeup. If you don’t fit the mold right off the bat it is not your fault.

Why are you choosing Data Science

The reasons you decided to put in the time and effort into finding a new career should be front a center in your life and mind. Write down those reasons and put them in a spot where you will see them repeatedly throughout the day. Make sure your friends and family know about your intentions. When you feel like quitting take a second and remember what you want out of this and how you are going to feel when you get the job you want. Also, when you're frustrated, if you've included friends and family they can also be a source of resilience for you.

The goal is not perfection

The goal is steady improvement. The goal is progress. Even though it may not feel like it, with every 'no' that you receive you are moving forward - you are moving closer to the yes. Your next yes could be the next interview you have.

Many hate me for giving this advice. However, I'm committed to it. Do not be afraid to ask for feedback from the interviewers and see what you can work on to make yourself a stronger applicant. If you get no response back, then just move on. If the prospective employer lets you know they are unable to give feedback, just move on. No harm.

Take time to slow down

Sometimes to gain perspective on your situation you must take a break. Taking the time to slow down and refocus your thoughts will benefit you in the long run. It can help you refresh your resolve so later you can keep going. Let yourself take a break from applying or interviewing for positions for a week and use that time to make improvements to your portfolio. Or use the time to work on how you answer interview questions. Or do both. Or, just reconnect with friends and family.

Know when to ask for help

Understand that it may be time to ask for help. Asking for help can add a different perspective to you and your interview materials. Consider hiring a career coach. A career coach will have a clear understanding of the current job market and how you and your materials rank to others in your field. An expert can guide you each step of the career transition journey. If you need help finding a career coach, read the buyer's guide here.

Staying positive can be harder than expected when you are not getting the positions that you are applying for. Stay ready, keep applying, and remind yourself that your next yes maybe just around the corner.


Getting rejected from data science jobs can feel like the end of the world, but it's not. With a few mindset adjustments and some effort, you can keep moving forward until you finally get that job offer. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback or take a break if you need one - just make sure to stay focused on your goals.


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