I help you crush the data science job search and get jobs in data science.

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Popular Coaching Program

Data Science Career Accelerator

If you're an established professional who is looking to transition your career into data science (or level up in data science) then this expertly guided program is for you.

As a client of mine, I will help you perfect your job search documents. I will teach you and personally guide you through the exact precise steps I used to transition into data science.

We will help you perfect your distributed data science professional portfolio - I will teach you how to efficiently generate high quality entries for your data science professional portfolio.

The best part of this program is that it is affordable and you can work through it at your own pace. There is limited space in this personally guided program (unlimited live coaching, unlimited text + email support) so don't wait to get started.


Coaching Program

Data Science Career Booster

This program will help you transition your career into data science. It will help you perfect your job search documents. In this program I share and teach the exact steps I used to transition into data science - and that have worked for others. The advice in this program will also help you establish a rockstar data science professional portfolio.

For three months you will have unlimited access to all of the instructional videos and added content (plus unlimited support by email). If you're ready to take your career to the next level then don't wait and get this course today.


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These free booklets + program include:

Booklets For Current + Aspiring Data Scientists

  • A download (in PDF) format of the booklet Ten Quick Wins To Expedite Your Career Transition. Over 50 pages long.
  • A downloadable (in PDF) format of the booklet Common LinkedIn Mistakes + How You Can Fix Them.
  • A downloadable (in PDF) format of the booklet Life-Changing Salary Negotiation Thoughts, Ideas, + Strategies.
  • Each booklet is a digestible, readable, usable and yours to keep. They are easy to follow - but substantial - perfectly sized. You can read each booklet in one sitting.
  • Expert guidance on preparing a winning resume. Which includes a resume document template + specific resume writing advice + ideas that will defeat writer's block.

Coaching Program For Current + Aspiring Data Scientists

  • The three best places for you to find work in data scienceWith this advice you will be able to: Find the best jobs for you - your expertise - and your interests.
  • Resume guidanceThis includes exactly how to write your resume + advice on how to prepare a resume template. Also important advice on how to defeat resume writing writers block.
  • Guidance on how to improve your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters and hiring managers will compete for your attention.
  • The LinkedIn guidance will save you hours by helping you find all of the hidden settings you didn't even know about - but that will for sure help your job search.
  • An overview of how you can build a rockstar professional data science portfolio.
  • The best information you can find anyplace on making GitHub the foundation and the backbone for your professional portfolio strategy.
  • Specific portfolio project ideas and inspiration.
Get The Free Booklets + Coaching Program

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