Data Science Career Services: A Year in Review

career advice career services news Dec 31, 2022
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Overview of Data Science Career Services

If we have not yet met, my names is Adam Ross Nelson. I'm a data scientist and a career coach. I help mid- and late-career professionals transition into or level up in data. In 2023 I have added to my team a small collection of resume writers, interview coaches, sub-consultants, ghost consultants, and an operations manager. I (and we) have been busy this year.

In this blog post, we'll recap what we've accomplished in the past twelve months. For example we kicked off the year by publishing a new blog. We also continue to write high-quality content on data science, careers, and other related topics at We pushed past publishing over 100 articles on this year!

The new website is fully implemented with Kajabi, and the book How to Become A Data Scientist: A Guide For Established Professionals is in production. Perhaps one of the most exciting developments is that we added new team members. New team members include resume writers, interview coaches, and an operation manager.

Stay tuned for more great things to come in 2023!

A Free ATS Course

This course teaches you to make the most of applicant tracking software.

This new free course teaches that ATS are not the enemy. If you know how automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) work + why they exist, you can work with them and they can work with you, too.

Learn everything you need to know about ATS at

A New Blog Called Data Science Career Services

The Data Science Career Services Blog is now nearly 60 days old. There are approximately 40 articles. We have a team of data scientists and seasoned professionals who are dedicated to creating high-quality content on data science, careers, and other related topics.

A New Career Coaching website.

To better serve clients I fully implemented a new website with Kajabi. The new website is focused on data science career coaching, featuring premium services such as online and on-demand career coaching. A featured item on the website is a Data Science Career Services Buyer's Guide.

A Data Science Career Book.

As we publish this annual look-back, the first edition of How to Become A Data Scientist: A Guide For Established Professionals is in production. Anticipated release date Feb 24th, 2023. The table of contents includes 10 chapters on the following essential topics:

  • How and why mid + late-career professionals are among the most competitive data science professionals in the field.
  • What data science is and again why, with their extensive domain knowledge, established professionals can dominate in the field.
  • Why you might already be a data scientist and what you can do to leverage that into opening doors to more lucrative career options.
  • How to prepare your friends and family for your career transition into data science.
  • How to prefect your resume. And entire chapter on this one.
  • How to perfect your LinkedIn profile. Also a complete chapter, this includes point-by-point guidance on how to update all of the many LinkedIn settings.
  • What a distributed professional portfolio is and how to build your portfolio. There are at least 10 specific portfolio ideas in this chapter for you.
  • How to communicate with employers + how to prepare for and do well in job interviews.
  • There is an entire chapter on the topic of salary negotiations.
  • And the last chapter provides important guidance on how to do well as a data scientist once you do get the job.


In this line Data Science Career Services resources many have contributed as thought partners, sub-contractors, and consultants. The team is growing (see the next point below). However, most of this started at when Adam began writing articles advice about data science and data science careers.

This year is the year Adam pushed past 100 articles on data science, careers, and other related topics with publications including Towards Data Science, Towards AI, Better Humans, Data Driven Investor, Geek Culture, Level Up Coding, The Stata Gallery, and others.

Some of the most read articles at Medium include.

New Career Services Team Members

New members of the team (sub-consultants and also ghost consultants) include resume writers, interview coaches, and an operation manager. I am confident that I have the best team of data science career professionals ever.

I had two goals in expanding the team. First, I needed an assistant to help with emails, scheduling, record keeping, and other general operations. Second, I needed fulfillment partners to help me review and write resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and also cover letters directly for career services clients.

You can read more about this team at the blog.

Data Science Career Services, LinkedIn Official

To improve overall reach of information for established professionals who are looking to transition into data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics (or to level up on the field) there is a company page for Data Science Career Services at LinkedIn.

Importantly the LinkedIn page also helps coordinate events and other similar logistics. Give a follow.

The Weekly Email

This year we continued sending a weekly email that features career advice, special offers exclusive to list recipients, and also weekly job listings. If you want a weekly does of care advice and inspiration plus an insider look at the jobs we share via the weekly email you can sign up here.

The Free Booklet Expanded

The free booklet I share via is no longer just a free booklet. It is three free booklets. It also includes access to online on-demand career coaching videos. If you want this free booklet Ten Quick Wins To Expedite Your Career Transition plus the other valuable free resources visit here.


Up Leve Data LLC which produces Data Science Career Services provides advice, resources, and support to help data science professionals make a successful transition into data science. The team is growing with new members including resume writers, interview coaches, and an operation manager. The past year was a busy one.

If you are looking for help entering or leveling up in data, reach out to Dr. Adam Ross Nelson, Data Scientist + Career Coach.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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